Pomace oil is the main product of the production process of the Pomace oil mill. It is dark-greenish brown and is mainly sent to refineries in order to be refined. It is an excellent quality oil and suitable for eating (raw) but also suitable for frying as it can withstand high temperatures. Pomace oil is the main product of the production process of the Pomace oil mill.


After extraction of the olive-pomace oil, we receive the pomace.
Pomace has been included as one of the top biofuels according to research conducted by the National Centre for Research and Technological Development (CERTH) among more than 200 types of biomass. At the same time it is a 100% organic product as its sulfur content is minimal and contains no toxic compounds or heavy metals. In addition, its incineration has negligible effects on the greenhouse effect.
It is an excellent solution for fuel in biomass boilers and is used either in industries for the production of steam, energy (ovens, washing machines), heating (greenhouses, poultry units) or for domestic use.
Finally, its low price compared to petroleum and its high calorific value (about 5000 kcal/gr) combined with the fact that it is Greek and, in particular, a local product, constitute it a top fuel.

Exhausted Pomace consists of:

  • The core of the olives, which is woody and fragmented
  • The fleshy part of the olives (dried), in powder form
  • The skin of the fruit

It is available for retail and wholesale in the following forms:

  1. In bulk
  2. Packed in 35 kg bags
  3. Packed in 750 kg big bags
  4. In pallets


In addition to the processing of olive pomace and the marketing of pomace oil, our company has a leading role in Greece in the marketing of olive oil by exporting either in bulk to the countries of the European South or packed to the countries of Northern Europe, America and Asia, thus offering a major commercial road to the rural development of Laconia and Messinia.

Available types of olive oil:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Industrial Olive Oil